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Storage Moving

Top Notch Movers Inc provides full service storage facilities. Each Storage unit, which is secure & clean, provides protection for your valuable household belongings.


A specified inventory list is provided to you and lists each item being moved from your home into the storage facility. We use individual stickers to further identify each item being moved. A sticker containing a serial number with a corresponding color will be placed on each article. This ensures your easy identification and retrieval of all your personal items.

  • We Protect all mattresses, sofas, and cushioned furniture with new, clean, and clear plastic covers.
  • All other items such a metallic , wood, or plastic furniture is protected with our professional moving blankets.
  • All items moved into our storage units are kept protected in their respective units using the materials used upon initial packing.
  • There is no added monthly charge for use of our padded moving blankets.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Fla Mover Reg. #IM2241

US DOT #2431847

ICC MC #838356